Summer 2020 GCSE Exams Begin in

GCSE Exams Begin on 11th May 2020 at 9am...

Don't Panic!

Despite what you might think, there's still plenty of time to make a difference to your grades!

Plenty of time to study...

Obviously it's important to study for your exams, with different techniques working better for different subejcts and different people. Don't be afraid to try a new style, and if you need some help, there's loads of support online!!

Plenty of time to sleep...

Sleep helps you focus better the next day, as well as being the time when the brain sorts and stores memories (i.e. your revision!) from the previous day and has a direct link to exam performance. Don't underestimate the power of sleep!

Plenty of time to exercise...

The scientists have done their thing; and evidence suggests that increasing physical activity and physical fitness can improve academic performance with more vigorous intensity activity bringing the most benefit, so get running!

Poll: How long before your exams do you plan to start revision?

Looking for Exam Timetables?

Links to GCSE Exam Timetables for all of the major exam boards will be posted here shortly...

Calling All Teachers!

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